May 29, 2019


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We live surviving from Syngamy, when we have to fight against an army of known immunoglobulins and by knowing, clueless macrophages seeking engulfed us, against obfuscated lymphocytes T approaching threatening and an entire system of peptides, defensins and phagocytosis looking surprised with their weapons at the ready but survived thanks to our immense mother with their emotional and vehement Ionic messagesachieves amistar us with his immune system and orient it in our favor. We live to survive, in the midst of a rain of noxa abortifacient and poisonous, loaded with levonorgestrel, misoprostol and ormeloxifen, looking for waterlogging our intervellosos spaces, so that we do not anidemos and thus dying, send us to the bucket in the middle of clots and bloodied gauze but our immense mother, with that instinct that sprouts you of the more intimate silent tissue, fight against all confused, age, parity, the studies, the future and sometimes against our own father. We live harassed by hiporexias, arcades and leucorreas and survived by our vast mother, breathe deeply, sucks acids candies, eats a inch, tolerating frequent and painful blisters on his buttocks and apply buttery and uncomfortable vaginal ovules. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. We live to survive and diving into the amniotic fluid, tolerating the ups and downs of daily and daily life, amortized, hydraulic stability, surrounded and fed of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, urea and electrolytes thanks to our immense mother who undertakes to produce it the first 4 months and then enrich it. We live and survive, placidly fed by blood and plasma of our heroine, sucking their proteins without mercy, emptying their reserves of folate, iron and other minerals and electrolytes, making that poor then fights against Anemia, cramps, paresthesia, tingling, gingivorragia. We live to survive, we are born in the midst of contractions and expansions, in the midst of pain and hysterical cries of nervous gestures and suppliants voices, which flood the lambing, there! where intersect the entreaties and demands, where dripping oxytocin, sweat and adrenaline!, with the Umbilical cord around the neck and death dancing in the back but our mother our immense mother, not disowned when it comes to support, no surrenders to the Supreme hour of the fight, supports without renouncinghe screams without accusing smiles instead of mourn, dilates instead of closing, expel rather than retain.