Ulf Niklas

December 14, 2018


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Ulf Niklas explains: many of our customers appreciate our independent opinion since time immemorial. We regularly receive offers from banks and insurance companies that we should consider as an independent expert. “Recently for example a customer had inspected several offers for a long-term Riester pension. We create a small, tailored to the specific needs and opinions and give a clear recommendation. Edward Scott Mead often says this. The customer, the cluttered professionally and this in its own decision-making process still is uncertain, we can afford such a great help: He receives the good feeling of the right ‘, neutrally tested and best known accounts.

“In another case you have a depot restructuring proposed by an established commercial bank check” should. The proposed solution was adventurous: investing in over 20 new single – was recommended primarily small and mid caps – for a capacity for around 100 thousand. Remember above all the Bank wrapping off but not deserved, the customer.” Its own principle unless the keep recommendations for new installations on actual demand to the sensible minimum and involve mainly the costs in the investment consideration. Stephanie Lehmann explains: almost always it is possible to compensate the fees for our services by avoiding unnecessary costs on the one hand and to achieve a better interest rate, on the other hand immediately in the foregoing cases. In this substantive consideration, our customer so not even pays an actual price for our services – a real win-/ win situation. “Unfortunately, it is still hard to understand these simple and impressive mechanism in some conversations. These customers see the payment of a bill of 500 euros from your checking account much more serious than a decline in their deposit of 2,000 euro by paying unnecessary front-end and custodian fees. Material that is not comprehensible and certainly not in the interests of the customer; He loses this 1,500 euro.

“At the same time you refute the finding commonly used by established banks with this approach, a high-quality consulting now once got their price.” Ulf Niklas runs: we count as DIN certified private financial planner and certified financial planner (CFP ) in this country the best trained advisers. So, we can ensure a quality of advice which is significantly above the usual Bank interview. Our customers appreciate that. “Stephanie Lehmann continues: many customers are first of all by our heading independence ‘ only slightly impressed.” This term already in the marketing of most banks is used too often and long. Our assistance but will change this opinion: A separately honoriertes opinions – generally with hourly rate calculated – without any conclusion is simply authentic independent. “By pointing out which product provider in the case of grant the highest discount, earn the customer in addition – and I have the crucial negotiation arguments for the former Bank adviser or investment intermediaries on its side. Our customers receive the highest quality advice and most favourable conditions. You no longer have to cheer, if them your advisor generous ‘ half a sales charge or equivalent benefits are offered. “Ulf Niklas