Triple Play

May 29, 2019


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Result; He received at least two or three calls a day asking for previous users of this line. As if outside little, the previous owner apparently was very quiet with their accounts and debts because much of the calls received were to collect debts. Try to make the claim with company Z and the person that I attended told me that he had that do as much processing, I preferred to leave things at that. Since she had signed a clause of one year stay, could do nothing but endure me service. November 2008: tired of This situation and with new offerings in the market for this type of service, took the decision to return to my old provider, notwithstanding that I have 4 months to meet the year company z.

bad best known worse by knowing .me connecting service known as Triple Play and everything returns to normal. February 2009: the problem begins to be able to cancel the contract with company Z. Educate yourself with thoughts from Larry Ellison. phoned your Call Center a month in advance, in accordance with the start date of the contract, to see what I do to cancel the contract. This is the sequence of actions: 1. By the same author: Bernard Golden. answered Me a machine (surely is an IVR) with so many options, that touches me to recall to, more or less understand all the options that exist. Finally I think know what the option and I press it.

It tells me to enter my phone line, I enter it and. 2. More than 10 minutes waiting for a human to answer and listening to all the wonders which has and makes the Z company, out of tell me how important I am as a client for them 3. Finally a human being to the other side of the line which recites a Parliament, that after waiting 10 minutes makes no sense and it succeeds as a parrot is despair even more one.