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January 10, 2019


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For the second option of renewal it amounts to USD 1.141.000. Credit: Oracle-2011. In addition to a leasing rate i.H.v. Read more from Edward Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. USD 1.141.000 per month was forecast for the following rental up to the December 2026. The investor can participate in KG either directly as a direct partner or indirectly as trustor of the GAF Treuhand GmbH of DORIC aircraft Fund fifth GmbH & co.. INVESTMENT funds analysis DORIC FLUZEUGFONDS 11 which offers Airbus A320-200 after the standard Airbus 2-class configuration for 150 passengers place. On a 1-class configuration 180 passengers find the place. Lessee is AirAsia Berhad.

The lease has an initial term of ten years from the delivery of the aircraft plus an option to extend another two years and then two more renewal options by three to five years. When not exercising the first option to extend a distance payment i.H.v is USD ca 8.4 million by the lessee. The monthly lease payment is $ 362.700 over the initial term and the renewal option 1. A monthly lease rate of $ 355,000 will be charged when exercising the second option to extend for three years and $ 218.000 PM can be renting a connection for a further five years up to the December 2028 (extension option 3) the investors indirectly as trustor of the DORIC Treuhand GmbH participate in the DORIC aircraft Fund eleventh GmbH & co. KG. INVESTMENT funds analysis DORIC transaction PORTFOLIO the issuer aviation plant, to participate in navigation on three ship funds four aircraft funds, and the issuer. Because for each of the seven target funds its own forecasts, we refer to the cumulative values in our representation.

“The equity issuers aviation accounted for 60%” and 40% to the issuer navigation “. The decision for investments is on certain Conditions linked among other things to a share of the BFin. The target fund investments can be in USD or EUR.