Travel Partner Sought And Found!

December 1, 2017


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Find new travel friends and old travel in touch with friends that remain and much more join my trip is at the heart of the German-speaking and brand new travel community. In the Forum or in direct contact with other users you can learn about the next dream destination often more than from any travel guide. Because just when individual travel recommendations play an important role as a colorful catalogs. But also with friends outside the community, travel experiences can be divided.

With TripBooks and TripCards to send the link to your own trip report here and letting his friends online travel. “For each destination the perfect travel partner says an old saying in the far East: first find you a travel partner, then embark on the journey!” Because experiences are only divided at its best. Whether it’s a cultural trip to Rome, a jungle expedition in Brazil or wellness in Tyrol Mountains. Kulturbewanderte, adventurer, and dropouts are under travel partner wanted. Here, everyone can find the perfect holiday partner. Who, for example, appeals to be traveling in the footsteps of the Vikings, along fjords and endless expanses you will find several displaying travel joyful people in every age group in the category travel partner for Norway. About join my trip join my trip was founded in May 2007 as a limited company. Currently, the technical development and marketing are coordinated from offices in Teisendorf, Munich and Upper Bavaria.

The management team has in-depth knowledge in business administration, information technology, Internet marketing, search engine optimization and community building and supported operationally by specialists. The site has been online since the 01.09.2007 and is continuously expanded to more community features and functionalities. join its community my trip for and developed with the user. New ideas, suggestions, or criticisms are therefore always welcome.