Training Concepts

February 7, 2018


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Your partnering efforts modern outsourcing for manufacturers and consultants-Munich/Landsberg am Lech, October 20, 2008 – which companies are based in Landsberg am Lech and training concepts for IT from Munich, Germany to round up your portfolio upward. Both companies are young, modern Outsourcer in the IT environment and were already together successfully completed several projects. The resulting synergy effects can be used even better through the partnership. “Outsourcing is again important outsourcing has been a purely cost-based measure, activities for other reasons to be increasingly outsourced: through conscious and targeted outsourcing of ancillary tasks on selected specialist manufacturers and systems integrators can better concentrate on their core business”, explained Edwin Stuiver, founder and owner of Outsourced product marketing and product management through is a cost-effective, flexible alternative, or a complement to fixed break staff. This is the professional development and marketing of software not only large companies and multinationals is reserved. The company offers training concepts for IT GmbH, headquartered in Munich to outsource manufacturers and systems integrators the ability training and certification activities. The offer includes product documentation, the development and implementation of training for customers and partners, as well as the creation of certifications. Both companies complement each other perfectly and can offer an optimized portfolio through this partnership. More information is housed here: Southwest Airlines. Customers and partners benefit from a better offer from a single source.