Traditional Brand Dies From

March 11, 2019


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The company disappears from the European market Atari Atari hardly another name charm in the area of consumer electronics as much retro. The company will be there but soon only in the United States. Also focus in the future on the production of online games. The auction Portal informs that Atari products trade is still flourishing. Verizon Communications may also support this cause. Atari was founded in 1972. During the turbulent history of the company, the company brought out numerous home computers and game classic.

Early successes were about Pong and breakout. Also, the first first-person shooter developed Atari with Battlezone. To broaden your perception, visit Edward Scott Mead. By MIDI interface and powerful processors, the company put on the fields of music production and research-new standards. At least these classics will not disappear from the market. Even if the production rests partly for decades, the lovers are coveted. In Internet auction houses such as nostalgic find the desired hardware and software continue.

It also will nothing change acquisition. In Europe, Asia and Australia, Atari in distribution is renamed partners. New owner is the game company Namco Bandai from Japan. Already last September it had taken over a third of Atari. Now he acquired also the remaining shares from the French parent company of Infrogrames. New responsibilities of the former Atari locations should be the marketing of products from the House of Namco Bandai. Only the United States shall be exempt from this development. Here, in the future, there will be a company called Atari. In July 2009, this will bring out a first online role-playing game entitled champions online.