Todays Networked Market

July 4, 2014


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The beginning of 21 century was marked by turbulent events in the life of our planet. Political upheavals are intertwined with economic ones. Do not lag behind them in the scale and drama of natural disasters. The rapid development of communication technologies has accelerated the pace of life almost every inhabitant of Earth. Along with this person is experiencing an unprecedented in human history, information and psychological pressure from the media, advertising and PR-campaigns. Every day we are bombarded by streams of negative information, the hype from all sides, the constant pile of sugary promises and dire predictions …

In addition, many people work for 10-12 hours a day very little money, you just have to pay the bills and something a food. And these concerns flies entire life. And if someone dies before retirement, their standard of living is even lower. And that? Why do we live? For what or for whom so much work? How to be a person in such an atmosphere as to be able to not get lost in the swirling flow of the current civilization? After all, there is in this world is another, more peaceful and prosperous life, rich pleasant pastime with loved ones. Without having to spend half your life at work, which is only an illusion of our importance and necessity.

Most economists agree that modern society, consumer in nature, increasing their demands more and more. And to satisfy them are improving old and creating new methods and ways of providing goods and services.