To Dangerous Situations In The Air Bridge

February 27, 2019


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Lifejackets for aviation: ‘Whoever saves a person, to save the whole world.’ The lifejackets reliably help AC/1000 and AC/2000 of AirCruisers to keep also powerless or weakened people afloat in case of an emergency and to delay the date of exhaustion and fatigue. The additional equipment ensures additional safety. The ‘lightness of being’: since the development of the first working Cork lifejacket by Captain ward in 1854 to technical progress and since the invention of the first self inflatable lifejacket in 1895, the lifejackets impressively prove AC/1000 and AC/2000. The light and flat, around the neck for carrying life jackets offer a (AC/1000) or two separate buoyancy Chambers for increased safety (AC/200). Each buoyancy chamber, the West have an oral inflation device and a manual CO m pressure gas inflation device. The emergency light is activated by contact with water.

The lifejackets correspond to the TSO’s aviation requirement C 13 F and show a very high with 37.5 lbs Buoyancy. On the of the West safety of powerlessness, the Anlegeanweisung is located in pictograms. For their retention, the vests by vacuum packing need a minimum of space. An inspection at intervals of 9 years is sufficient. There are the indispensable Guardian Angel by AirCruisers at Siebert air transport demand in bright yellow color and attractive prices: 74,90 costs the lifejacket AC/1000, the vest AC/2000 is to be 89.90. “… that intelligence, which are security and stability, a tremendous sense of strength of mankind.” The manufacturer of AirCruisers is responsible since its inception in 1935 by James F.

Boyle for almost every major development in the field of inflatable safety technology. The provider Siebert was Paul Siebert initially as a sports – and glider construction founded in 1953 and is shipping trade since the late of 1970s a pure trading company for aviation accessories with a focus. The online shop ( offers an impressive pilots and aviation enthusiasts Sightseeing flight with a unique panorama.