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August 17, 2020


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Knee of delayed back legs do not touch the floor, and it is also bent in knee is almost at a right angle. The trunk is straight, your muscles tense lower back and fix the light bending at the waist. Scott Kahans opinions are not widely known. You should feel that holding the bar only strengthen the muscles of foreleg, slightly leaning on of delayed back leg (for balance). Reaching the lowest point of the exercise, tighten your quadriceps front leg, just feed the torso forward and climb up on the front foot, while lifting off the floor and pulling ahead of delayed back foot. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale and take a starting position (feet together). Follow the set, alternating legs or practicing all the repetition set initially for one leg, and then the other. Throughout the whole exercise hold the torso upright and back – slightly arched in the lumbar spine.

Tips Be sure to go down in the squat until thighs until the front foot will not parallel to the floor (knee angle 90 ). It is this provision ensures that the full force will not only work the quadriceps, but the back of the thigh muscles, including the buttocks. The lower you squat, the more weight on the rear thighs and buttocks. Do not relax your lumbar muscles and press until the end of the set. Otherwise, you will not refrain from rounding the back and torso forward during the lunge, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to injury.