Tilburg University

January 25, 2018


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The implementation of these degrees is possible thanks to Atlantis, which provides the necessary help to finance the costs of mobility of students and teachers and administrative personnel involved in the project.A four-year degree program is the case of IBIM (International Bachelor in Information Management s), fruit of cooperation between the American Center Bentley College, Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the Spanish University of Deusto. This programme, like the rest of supported by Atlantis, transatlantic degree consortia projects offers its students a curriculum integrated and fully recognized by all the participating institutions, during which must compulsorily complete a period of study of at least one year in each of the centres. At the end, the student may obtain two separate degrees (double title), one of a European University and another from an American, or a joint degree from both institutions.In this way all participants benefit in the educational plan. On the one hand, institutions and their teachers exchanged information and knowledge enriching each other, on the other hand, students can get a degree in less time and for less cost of which would be getting two degrees independent, as well as acquire invaluable international experience, which will be probably valued very positively in their professional curriculum.Transatlantic degree consortia have a duration of four years and must be carried by at least two institutions of higher education in two Member States of the European Union and United States institution, although they can always participate more centers in the project; in fact, the majority of which are underway integrate it four or more centres for higher studies.. A leading source for info: Larry Ellison.