The Way

August 5, 2019


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Because gave birth in me: caution. And so it happens in other perspectives. As when came the person of which I fell in love, did you was born in me: love, so is no longer at my side. That one that made me stumble along the way, taught me that I must move with care. One that showed me of herself a simple mask, taught me that I must look beyond the eyes. Who taught me gratitude, what was that you should be grateful.

Who taught me how to walk, me impetus to run also. And so are many to which I owe something. Without leaving aside, that you yourself who decides to take the good things that are within the good and bad that has happened to us, because it’s a whole process but, what good it feels having learned and taken the good and most important! All those times, all those people, all those moments. Have you ever wondered once, you have many people come to know? I think that many. And, how many of them helped you, you supported, you wanted or loved? Probably several. All those experiences, and those people, they left a mark on you.

Some more significant than others, but all have marked you life and heart. Likewise, you have left your mark on the life of them. Questions of that? Pay attention to the details. When that colleague told you: because I explained that exercise, pass the exam that was so important. Thanks for your good comments, I have tried to improve. When everybody made fun of me, you defending me. Both I needed that money and you lent me!. He needed so much that someone heard me, and you did!. I needed a helping hand, and you dried me. They are comments, maybe simple for most people, but very significant for that said them.