The Values

October 14, 2020


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We must not forget that as well as the social system, the democratization system arises from the State of maturity of a society. It is not something baby clothes would like to discuss. Therefore to make people feel the need to democratize their society, it soon has to mature social system according to beliefs and current cultures of its people. The globalization of the imposition of democracy in non-democratic peoples is the imperialistic tyranny of democracy. A democracy in which use is made of the impositor power of the globalization of the democratic peoples, is a democracy that happens to be democracy to become a plutocracy. Because instead of support in the broadest sense of the perception of human justice; relies on the broader sense of the perception of the Justice of the investment of power, about what is human. The etymology of the word democracy comes from the Athenian demos. He demos means the people, people. It is the support it receives the individual as a human being independent and socially dependent as compatriot which forms and constitutes the unit Assembly of his people, in representation of the values of human rights and freedoms protest, legitimized by equality of coexistence in the broadest sense of the perception of Justice and constituent and functional institutional power unitthe formation and Constitution of the State of the human community. Democracy is the decentralisation of the institutional power that focuses more on the sense pure and noble human such as autonomous and independent in the right to their freedoms, but socially dependent on the rights to the freedoms of others, in the mutual coexistence of the formation and Constitution of their solidarity. Or that the demos Athenian, where rests and true democracy arises, is the sovereignty of the people, where the same people in the joint integration that exercises on the function of the organ of the State unit of their public authorities, chooses on its own destiny.