The U.S. Position On The Northwest Passage

September 11, 2019


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But the problems are not solved with changing the U.S. position Northwest Passage sea a “which is close to Alaska, Canada and Greenland a ” remains open for longer each year, which shortens the trip example of New York to Tokyo by 23%. Canada is strongly opposed, because the boats must pass through the islands, therefore considers that these waters are territorial and not intended to establish international and Washington. On the other hand, the move north will be a potential conflict when they open, because the ice in this region has not melted yet. Northeast Passage, which runs through the Arctic along the coast of Siberia to Moscow will be involved in another sovereignty dispute with Norway. a However, during this first ministerial level meeting was agreement that reduces stress, which had increased last August when Russia sent two submersible to the North Pole with a group of scientists, who in addition to the mission demonstrate that the Russian continental shelf extends to the North Pole, planted a titanium Russian flag at 4000 meters as a symbolic claim to sovereignty.

The five states agreed to abide Ilulissat Sea Act to regulate legally this region without resorting to arbitration by the UN. In this way, it will strengthen the work of first geological survey and oil exploration immediately. Although Russia take the lead, having started operations of the largest gas field in the world called Stockman, together with the French company Total, the platform underwater gas field claimed by Norway, which has no other choice but to take the case to an international court until they have completed the geological investigations to determine who the rightful owner of that area. a Meanwhile, Canada is the first country to militarize the region, to begin construction of bases on their islands in the Arctic and increased patrols of its waters to protect the sovereignty, in the case of a growing dispute with the U.S. Denmark or the Northwest Passage. a While the Arctic melting accelerates, the signs of a geopolitical warming in the region are becoming increasingly apparent despite the treaty signed in Ilulissat.

a The Canadian military deterrent actions and the commencement of gas holdings by Russia before the completion of research give way to a general agreement on the Arctic and lead times shortened to five countries to act unilaterally . The most dangerous of the race for the Arctic is the greater frequency with which action is taken on the outside of international law. Maximiliano Sbarbi Osuna is a graduate of TEA Argentine journalist specializing in foreign policy and history. Published in the journal Buenos Aires weekly columns Economic Policy Analysis International. He also published his book “The New War for Resources. The struggle for hegemony in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. ” He runs a website dedicated to the analysis of international affairs and its relationship to world history also runs a forum for debate and has written for numerous newspapers from Argentina and Latin America: The Middle East Correspondent and Africa, Rebelion, La Nueva Provincia,, Argenpress Analytical and Venezuela, among others. Between 1999 and 2001 directed the magazine “World Overview of history and modernity,” which eventually grew to over 1,500 readers around the world. Today is consulted by various media on international politics.