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August 1, 2016


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As for companies, franchisees, their interest in developing their business in Russia is linked primarily to the fact that Russia has a huge territory, and the prospect of opening franchises of points on throughout Russia in itself can make the business one of the largest in the world. In fact, at this point in the Russian market franchise is one of the most rapid and effective way to achieve leadership in selected industries. However, despite the great promise of the market, is said about the difficulties of franchising development in Russia. One of these difficulties is the absence in the Russian legislation itself the concept of franchising, in his stead at the moment there is the concept of commercial concession. In practice, this complicates the design franchise. A second difficulty faced by novice franchisee – is need for seed capital for the first lump-sum payment or the franchisor. In countries where the franchise has already gained recognition, there are special loan programs, allowing banks to lend franchisees on more favorable terms, because this business has a significantly lower risk compared to opening their own business.

In this case, Russia now appears certain banks that provide specialized lending programs franchisees, so for entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business and thus greatly reduce the risks right now, the banking system opens up more possibilities. To summarize In summary one can say that at the time of purchase and management of the franchise in Russia involves certain difficulties due to the fact that until not too at the moment not too much developed system of concessional lending franchise, as well as complicated system design franchise. The major advantage of opening and maintaining the franchise in Russia was and still growing market goods and services, in which it is franchising can significantly reduce the risks of starting a business, as well as gain experience managing your own company. If I say more, for the Russian market is franchising offers great opportunities for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, providing a safe, beneficial and incredibly promising business development.