The Tendency

May 23, 2014


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Until conservatives buying time to assess the innovators, followers, early and late majority, who took over almost all of the risks of acquisition. Conservatives can only enjoy the benefits of a well-studied, while all other consumers are already looking for replacements. The main feature of the Conservatives as a consumer group – the unacceptability of risks associated with consumption. Such caution is justified by many factors, among which remarkable demographic and historical determinants. With age, for example, consumers are careful to novelty, because behind accumulates more life practices, including the negative.

In regional hinterland penchant for innovation – a rarity as a relatively low level of income leads to frugality and pragmatism in consumption. Actually, the level of income is quite self-sustaining factor of influence on the tendency toward conservatism: a lack of income limits the space for high-risk consumer eksperimenov. However, conservatism is personality trait rather than a particular style of life, and the main factor in its level is the user. It is clear that the findings of a new product on the market rely on a segment of conservatives should be the last. Active communication with the Conservatives – occupation virtually meaningless.

Distrust of messages from strangers – quite common in the segment of conservatives. Even the well-known and trusted people conservatives receive information with a certain skepticism. Adage 'old friend is better than two new ones' can be considered the motto of their lives in the application to many areas, including for consumption. Of course, there a business model, successfully exploit consumer conservatism.