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January 16, 2018


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We prefer the known to the unknown, since the new usually generates discomfort and stress. Change involves passing of one State to another, which makes that inevitably system desorganice to rearrange then assuming another structure. All change is uncomfortable, as when want to replace some old shoes for new ones. Teilhard de Chardin believed that all growth is linked to a degree of suffering. The change requires that we dismiss safety signs of old schemes that have accompanied us for years, to adopt other behaviours with which we are not so familiar or generated us so much confidence for a time. Grow up hurt and scared.Novelty produces two emotions: fear and curiosity.

While the fear of the unknown acts as a brake, curiosity work as a (sometimes overwhelming) incentive that leads us to explore the world and amaze us.Accept the possibility of renewed implies that curiosity as a positive force is imposed on the paralysis that generates fear. Abandon the old ways and allow the review of the beliefs that we have ruled for years requires courage.Now, we can carry out the break What us ATA in two ways: (a) slowly, in the sense of detachment is, peel off, or (b) in a quick way, which means I accept the worst thing that could happen once and for all, in the sense of release was, jump into the void, move it without anesthesia says in addition, theories or beliefs that we have produced for lifetime about ourselves, the world and the future adhere to our psyche, will blend in with all the informational background and become absolute truths. We do them too much heed the beliefs that we have instilled small. If life I have said you’re a useless, likely that your mind is created the story and organize a solid database around perceived incompetence. Then say: I’m useless is much more than an opinion, is a revelation turned into a dogma of faith.