The Shape

October 23, 2018


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If, however, for the parquet in the same way using several types of wood such as oak, maple and sapeli, you can create dozens of options decorative parquet on the beauty and expressiveness, not yielding the best industrial design. Almost every handyman who has basic skills in working with wood, be able to create mosaic parquet floor of the dwelling without resorting to expensive masters. Indispensable tool in this case could become a free online art designer hardwood floors, with which you can easily and quickly pick up the style of your future parquet floor, a calculation of required materials, and generate a project in natural color textures, ready for printing. Example of a sequence of manufacturing Artistic parquet floor in the home. 1. Draw on a piece of paper piece of the future parquet floor. 2.

Visit the pro shop floors to determine the size of the available 3.2 parquet wood, from which you will create a mosaic set. 3. Based on available data, given their size in length and width, determine the shape of parts, design a scheme of their installation. 4. Make a calculation linear and angular dimensions of individual parts kit.

5. With circular saws with adjustable table and a well-honed tungsten carbide tools Saw part of the first fragment designed by you artistic parquet. The resulting fragment details are going to dry the floor first, to check compliance of their manufacturing. If all fits, you can go on. The very process of laying a hardwood floor virtually no different from the usual. If you all very complicated, we can recommend another very simple way to create a mosaic parquet floor. Its essence consists in the fact that during installation, along with usual, parquet, inlaid parquet used, which is an integral part of the range of most manufacturers of artistic parquet floors. Inlaid parquet blocks – finished art miniature, or a separate element of artistic composition parquet floor, made by intarsia. Intarsia – is inlaid wood on wood. In most cases this will be used 3.5 rocks Wood, details of which are cut into the full thickness of the main planks. The range of units produced inlaid parquet blocks is huge. It is always possible to order them by making their own designs. Size range – similar to the size of block parquet. Availability and ease of installation of this type of parquet mosaic allows you to create stylish art hardwood floors is easy, fast and low financial costs as a office and residential premises.