The Serengeti

February 11, 2019


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Only the establishment of a new trade route is economically viable (marked in blue) for Tanzania, South to the Serengeti past to Mwanza, around the emerging Rwanda, but also Burundi and the Congo on a direct route to the Indian Ocean. The currently existing transport capacity on existing roads and railway connections from Kenya or Tanzania to Central Africa should cover the current and future needs in the approach. On the map are the expandable existing Streets and slopes characterized by perforations, depending on the Topographiesind even route cuts through new buildings possible. It is easy to see that is barely above the Strassenbauaufwanddieser route, as in the route through the Serengeti. Click E Scott Mead for additional related pages. The new trade route could be to einemBefrieden of Congo are even a significantly greater economic success as the Kenyan TRANS Africa Highway, without compromising this and thus Kenya in its economic development.

It is even to computing that the opening up of new markets for the Congo will lead to a significantly faster pacification of the country, which in turn Tanzania and Kenya through its trade routes would benefit. The Serengeti was unaffected at this street layout within the protection zones and the route offers many benefits a better and environmentally sensible, tourist development of throughout the region. The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem includes approximately 40,000 square kilometres, a highest grade and since long also destructive use of tourism takes place just on good 10 percent of its surface. You linked to the new southern bypass slopes up through denAusbau existing according to Narok in Kenya, the northern tip of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, could be Serengeti tourist be used in their entirety (marked in orange on the map) this is deraktuell on a few areas destructive clenched together mass tourism clearly relax. “Touristikunternehmenkonnten plan new routes, including Lake of Victoria and many more destinations for the growth market of ecotourism” tap with the involvement of the local population.