The Second

June 2, 2018


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Do not you sobreexijas being father stimulates changes in your lifestyle, giving you the opportunity to re-evaluate your choices and possibilities and questioning you on basic and essential in your future life values. To the financial implications of the new situation at times has him damenos importance than they really are. No doubt will bring new expenses involved and you will need to think about increasing your income, since many times will also be It is necessary to think about a slightly larger House. In some cases these requirements cause an increase in the hours of work of man and neglect the emotional support you need all pregnant. Also this demandingness can provoke feelings of stress, anxiety and sometimes depression. It is important to then see all things with real prospects for not reaching extreme situations. As it will be my relationship with the baby? Perhaps this will be the first match melee with a newborn baby and if you are not familiar with the world of babies, will become everything a challenge learning how to reassure him, changing diapers, tell stories or learn how to caress a delicate skin.

Conflicts related to your own upbringing and disagreements with your own parents who had never before come to light may also arise. To avoid both sudden change we recommend that you entables a relationship with your child from pregnancy and get too close to other babies to understand more about their world. Relationship utero the relationship with your child can start long before birth, since this utero. From the second quarter you can connect through the touch with the kicks or movements that cause your voice sounds. In the last stage of pregnancy including anatomical parts of the baby can be recognized and you can start to caress it. You can also listen to the beating of your heart by placing your ear on the belly of your partner, below the navel.