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July 17, 2020


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functioning infrastructure with kindergartens, schools and shopping facilities as well as the time passable accessibility of the workplace. On the other hand is”the unique disadvantage that land in the outskirts of major cities are almost always far more expensive than those in rural areas, know Pranto. Therefore, each client must be prepared to make compromises at the desired location. Namely starting then, that land and construction costs not breaking the budget.” The Research Institute aproxima for the construction-o-meter “regularly the results of the online survey on the town & country website evaluates. More than 1,500 construction prospects have voluntarily and anonymously took part in this survey evaluation until December 2010. Town & country: The company was founded in 1997 in Behringen (Thuringia) is in Germany of the leader in licensed building with more than 300 franchise and license partners. The business concept is based on over 30 houses of types of, by their Low-cost construction of high quality allow modular construction system.

Town & country provided for new standards in the construction industry with the introduction of three letters contained in the purchase price of a House: the financial protection letter of construction of, the construction quality protection letter and the construction-service – protection letter. With the development of energy-saving and solar houses reflects the company of the cost explosion in the energy markets. In fiscal 2010, the company sold 2,720 homes. Town & country is the best-selling changes of in Germany already since 2007. About aproxima Association of market and social research the strengths of aproxima Association of market and social research within the recruitment, evaluation and impact studies. Based on a high method competence cultivates aproxima a multi-methodical approach to their jobs and combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. aproxima he has expertise in the conduct of Germany as well as international projects in the areas Population survey and the survey of retail (B2C) in the service sector as well as the business customer survey (B2B).