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June 6, 2018


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But many others remain active, on the lookout, about to detonate at any time. And we are not only doing nothing to disable them, but that every day we make them more powerful.Continue along this road, hurricanes, droughts and floods, forest fires, desertification of soils and all other effects of global warming we have seen so far, shall not anything. Climate change is like a snowball that as it falls by the slope of the mountain increasingly will widen. If we do not drastically change our way of life, interact with nature, the worst is to come.And the worst of climate change, what’s to come, we will not see it on TV as it has happened up to now for many of us, but that we live in the flesh we are where we are, because it will affect directly to each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet. The fact, that while we are alive on this planet and located in the country that we have selected to live, we must concern ourselves by making the authorities, their inhabitants, all the necessary means of disclosure to identify with the importance of once for all to assess the seriousness of what we face in relation to the deterioration of the ecosystem. We must also as key players, especially those who will suffer the consequences, collaborate to avoid that this will continue.

Take into account what you drew larevsita that for more than three decades scientists are warning that the rate of consumption of resources is unbearable, that the planet can not endure it, and its irreversible deterioration is assured (cf. Cloud Computing contains valuable tech resources. Meadows et al. 1972, 1993 and 2006).