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November 13, 2019


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24% of respondents have bought the last car in 2006 and acquired in 2008., owned 18% of respondents. Cars in 2005, acquired, in turn, 14% of car owners, and between 2004 and previously purchased cars much smaller share of respondents, so the share of cars bought in 2004. accounts for only 5% of the respondents. In this case, approximately a quarter (26%) of all the cars of those surveyed were released in 2007, produced in 2006 the proportion was 22%. Most new cars, 2008. Release acquired 15% respondents, the same proportion of owners of cars made in 2005. Older cars that came down the assembly line until 2004., Has, according to the study, less than 7% of the respondents. Read more from Edward Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Plans to acquire a car represented as follows: 31% of motorists currently no plans to purchase within the next 3-5 years, willing to buy a car 21%, 19% of respondents expect to drive a new car in the next year, and postpone the purchase of 4-5 years 10% of motorists.

Of all the participants who took part in the survey, 5% plan to buy a car this year. List of car brands, planned to purchase almost completely coincided with list of brands owned by the respondents, curious, however, was the following fact: first place in popularity in this case, bmw has shared with Porsche, the brand preference of 13% of survey participants. During study 83% of respondents agreed to answer the question regarding the planned expenditure for the purchase of a car. Revealed that 30% of them are willing to spend between 700 thousand to 1 million rubles. In large amount, 2.1 million rubles., Cost car for 22% of buyers. 16% of motorists expect to invest in the purchase of 500-700 thousand rubles. Meet the amount of 300-500 thousand rubles. intend to 9% and 5% will allocate to the new acquisition of more than 2 million rubles. In general, interviewed the audience has a high level of activity in the auto market. Representatives of this segment are building short-and long-term plans for the purchase of vehicles and pre-determine its budget. Brands bmw, Audi, Mercedes and Toyota are the leaders in popularity among car owners, car Porsche, along with the bmw was the most desirable in terms of its proposed acquisition.