The Immobilienbewerter Comes Online

April 5, 2016


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METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online easily assess who needs a real estate valuation Court, is typically dependent on an expert. Since such circumstances are rarely available, the search is difficult after a technician or a nurse occasionally and the procedure in dealing with the experts for the customer is unfamiliar and strange. As known, however, should apply, that expert on-site representations and analysis object view to take. After obtaining and views required documents, withdraws the expert and compiles and calculates.

Whether property, income, or reference value, the subject of the assessment a evaluates according to the recognized rules of evaluation art. Expertise in the meantime are some days or weeks elapsed until the real estate expert opinion reaches the customer. The often extensive expertise explains the principal and explains how it comes to the calculated value of the real estate. Fees usually affected parties, it can go for the considerable assets, is essentially the real estate value of the identified interests. For the preparation of the opinion was settled until several months ago, according to the fee schedule for architects and engineers. Depending on the value of the object, a four-digit euro amount can be placed by the expert in accounting.

Extrajudicial use concerns in determining real estate value, for example, the price at time of purchase or sale, assets, family conflict or estate planning, an online real estate assessment can provide a current guideline. As a second opinion she, real estate valuation, generated via the Internet is also suitable. Time a valuation online is quickly created. The users are guided through a catalog with understandable questions about the object. Some criteria are already stored in selection boxes and must be ticked only. After the acquisition of essential data, exact location database values are combined with the user information. The combination of the object of the user and the values from the database an individual becomes immediately Real estate valuation generated and made available to the customer. Money the detailed assessment of real estate over the Internet is possible for Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, and the Switzerland. Location values are all stored and available at any time immediately. For an individual property value discovery over the Internet, the fee is 39 euros. Differently than usual at the real estate appraisals, there a money-back guarantee in the real estate assessment according to the method of Dr. Barzel. Should the user guide or the assessment method the customer be dissatisfied, he regains the evaluation fee. Competitive speed is a competitive advantage, if in a real estate transaction to react quickly and safely. Time and place play no role in the online real estate valuation. The high degree of flexibility and evaluation accuracy make the online valuation to a commonly used tool. More information can be found under: