The Environment

May 13, 2018


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Depending on angles of the room, will agree a roundtable discussion (non-repeating) or a square table, or a rectangular table take corners: the corners are the most indomitable spaces especially when trying to furnish them. However, there are furniture that are specifically designed for corner spaces. Locate an elbow can be a strategic choice: because in this angle increases the visibility that has the TV at every point in the room. In case of using a Cabinet conventional TV, it is preferable that the furniture is low, to not decrease the height of the walls. In the same order of things, a desktop pc for corners is also a good way to optimize space, and for students are useful also PC furniture with desk and shelves. Storage. As stated above, the accumulation of objects is a brand of modern man (and also of the Huron). Not just clothing, books, CD s, but also of all the small things necessary but annoying: cables, plugs, batteries, leaflets, paid accounts, etc.; etc.; etc.

Of course there are furniture especially for storage, such as CDs, libraries, sideboards and cabinets, cabinets but in confined spaces so many furniture simply do not enter or reload the environment. This is why each piece of furniture should be chosen with a conscience not only style, but also of its storage capacity. For not sobreamueblar the living room, you should take advantage of other nooks and crannies that tend to accumulate dust, under the bed: in this case you can incorporate drawers under it for books and magazines, you can resort to shelves hung on the wall. Decoration: For some, not to feel guilty for not to exhibit at home small objects such as estatuitas, ashtrays and ornaments in general when they are presented for others, try to resist the temptation of purchasing this universe of unnecessary objects once you already have accumulated quite a few of them, unless of course, who wish to create one replica modern cloying rococo style.