The Effectiveness

May 7, 2021


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Thus, various complementary cooperative contributions, such as the reflection of the future-oriented experience and behavior, the awareness of the possibilities for self-efficacy and motivation for goal-instrumental act should be raised when the seeking advice. More information is housed here: Flex. The solution-focused consultants not itself but as therapist, so that he can motivate the clients may quite complementary therapeutic help. VIII. 2 the client or better said: not every client is a client! “Under the premise that the solution-focused consultancy concept is a cooperative interaction between a Problemlosungssuchenden and a Losungsorientierer” represents that the question arises with regard to the client, when a client a Ratsuchender really is? In practice, Steve de Shazer distinguishes three types of clients. After, what type of consultant is confronted with, the consultant will also his advice structure. Philip Vasan understood the implications. IX.

consistency motivation through solution-oriented advice that human behavior is goal-oriented and appropriate basic needs deriving from these objectives, as well as the fact that a permanent injury of basic needs is ultimately the most important cause for the development of mental disorders, and also to maintain plays an important role”, occupied after Grawe (2004,S184). Grawe instantiierte a consistency-theoretical model of mental events, secured by neurobiological studies”, the experience and behavior with the effectiveness of special motivational schemes explained. Thus the acquired willingness to perceptual, emotional and behavioral reactions that were individually as suitable, to satisfy basic needs or to avoid corresponding frustrations. He distinguishes four basic needs: need for orientation and control need for pleasure and pain avoidance need for affiliation and binding need to Increase in the value of self and self protection. The basic needs represent specifications after Grawe (2004,S191), which is the evolution of the human psychic system made