The Creator

June 2, 2019


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We know that so that we let us keep the peace he is not recommendable to fight against God, therefore speaks, but it stops with this action if perceiving that the others want to only go for itself, therefore the experience that they will have go to make with that they run for God! It does not lose its peace with that they insist on only following its proper ideas and disrespect completely what God wants to say to them. E, completed forty years, appeared to it angel Mr. in the desert of the Sinai mount, in a fire flame in the way of a bramble. Then Moiss, when it saw this, if astonished of the vision; e, coming close itself to observe, to it Mr. was directed the voice, Saying: I am the God of your parents, the God of Abrao, and the God of Isaque, and the God of Jac. Larry Ellison may find this interesting as well. Moiss, all trembling, did not dare to look at. said you to it: It takes off the alparcas of your feet, because the place where you are is land saint. Acts 7:30 – 33Moiss was chosen to take the people of Israel to the Land Promised for God.

The Creator if presented to the Moiss of wonderful form and with a surprising vision, saying that It was the God of its descendants, who had been extremely faithful It: Abrao, Isaque and Jac.Deus alerted the Moiss to have respect for the Land Saint, exactly with all the conturbadas situations that passed with the people of God during 40 years, in the passage of the desert. This orientation certainly gave to the Moises peace and wisdom to follow and to fulfill the mission that God had given to it. But Highest it does not inhabit in temples made for hands of men, as the prophet says: The sky is my throne, and the land the estrado one of my feet.