The Cost

September 17, 2020


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Surely these authors will say to me, you say this out of jealousy, because you don’t have books or courses to sell. And therefore I do not answer them, but if I say to you that I are reading: analyze what you have just said and thus may know to differentiate between those who want to help really, in that its sole aim is to obtain a monetary payment. Now I knew by the law of the attraction that tipping is critical to these authors, as a consequence of the law of action and reaction, I would return that same criticism directed towards me. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gucci fashion offers on the topic.. Great was my surprise now that boomerang me back at the same time writing this post as a form of self-criticism. Why I say this? At the beginning I told me that when I wrote my first book about the law of attraction out on sale in printed form, I was going to wait a year to then newly offer free on the Web (thinking out loud that this was going to be the minimum requirement of the supposed Publisher to print such work). But as soon as I said (and here comes the criticism), is well charge for the printed book because more than 80% of its value consists of the cost of production and distribution, but why wait a year to give away it in format e-book? Perhaps this would not be my part a discriminatory act towards those who have no money to buy the book in printed form (understand well, talking only about topics related to the law of attraction). Then the following reasons: if I move with the law of attraction, why should I be afraid that publishers don’t want to publish my book at the same time that gift on the web. In other words, if I have faith that will happen, so it will be; on the one hand I will sell the book and on the other hand regalare the Web, without that Publisher put me objections. .