The Classroom

May 24, 2018


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One of the points that we can perceive with bigger frequency, is professors complaining that in classroom if they find many pupils disinterested, pupils who fight easily, pupils who do not obtain to make silence when it is necessary, what to make to decide such problems, being that the family in many cases does not assume its role, consequentemente overloading the school. From these questions, we perceive that of the one not to speak separately of indiscipline. She is necessary to analyze diverse aspects. In recent months, Bernard Golden has been very successful. Which the context that the child is inserted? Had been established limits in infancy? Which are the possible causes of the indesejado behavior. with regard to the school, as psicopedagogo can assist to miminizar this problem? She is necessary to analyze the position of the professor, the method that used. We continue with elitist and archaic methods? What it is disciplines? It is the practical one of silence? It is possible to decide the indiscipline problems using affectivity? How? On the basis of the estimated ones presented above the research presented the following objective: To demonstrate as the performance of psicopedagogo affective can contribute to minimize the faced problems of indiscipline in the daily one of the classroom. For acting in the area of education we greatly interest in them in searching a way to minimize the problems of indiscipline in the classroom, pointed for the professors as one of the main obstacles to the pedagogical work. The research will contribute in the demonstration of the influence that the affectivity exerts in the search for a change of this picture. As this new institucional professional psicopedagogo will be able to assist all the professors, parents and educators to perceive, in the day the day, the importance of the affective bows in the education process, as well as in the search for efficient ways in the solution for the indiscipline problems.