The Candles

June 20, 2018


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But for such studies require considerable time, so this part of the work I leave to the reader, and we go any further, we need to voice all the other terms and ability to manage a profit for our future strategy. So we decided, what the candles we use in trade, decided on entry point, we now need to decide where and under what circumstances we will raise Stop and Profit. With stop everything just because, for open positions, we expect the formation of the 'first' shadow and penetration of the opening point to another direction, the stop will be put on 5 – 10 points beyond the first shadow (Fig. 1). With a profit situation is somewhat more complicated. Not knowing what in the end we will have a ratio of profitable trades, we are in any case, you must strive to Profit was expected to more possible foot.

For our strategy, I propose to try to use 2 types of profits: 1) In the first case can also try to record profits at the end of the day, and I suggest doing it in 19.00 Moscow time, because, against the closure of European markets later we very rarely occurs continued daily traffic. Price 19.00 after most had already began making corrections daily traffic. 2) In the second case Profit can also try to calculate an experimental way and try to tie its value to the size of a foot. For example, the amount of profit we put in 1.5 or 2 times larger than the mounted Stop.