The Bacteria

May 14, 2018


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Other harmful chemicals are the dyes Blue 1, blue 2, green 3, red 3, and yellow 6. It is also advisable to avoid the olestra, or olean, saccharin and red meats that have too much fat. (5) It more convenient it would be to incorporate into your diet pasteurized food, since this way the bacteria that are found in the foods are eliminated, and that is healthier for your pregnancy. It is normal that many foods do not have the necessary treatment, for example some Apple juice. You must take care to see in drawing tags if they are pasteurized food, so you can consume them peacefully. Other non pasteurized foods can be harmful to pregnancy, such as yogurts and cheeses. (6) The white meats are very healthy for your pregnancy, such as seafood and fish. Do not consume or be careful with seafood with carapace or shell, since they may contain bacteria.

Some fish like the swordfish, shark and the tilefish contain high proportions of methyl mercury, which can be very perjuicioso to the growth of the fetus. If you like fishing, you must be sure not to go fishing at sites where there is the possibility of contamination in the water. Learn more at: Larry Ellison. Some fish contain harmful toxins, such as for example tropical fish grouper and amberjack. 7) Remember before ingesting Tamarin or vegetables takes the collection of wash them very well, avoiding eating sprouts that may contain bacteria like escherichia coli. (8) Keep in mind that if you eat raw meat and eggs you can contract diseases, therefore it is advisable to avoid them during pregnancy. For example, you may have trouble with the cocktails of shrimp, vienesas, canned meats and smoked fish. (9) Perhaps think that the intake of herbs produces no adversarial effect to your pregnancy, but however, consume you raspberry, ginseng and you green, could stimulate contractions.