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May 10, 2014


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Press message BuF e.V., March 2013 08.03.2013 international women’s day Association of independent financial service bar grooves (BuF) advises: get tips on care and education time expertise for sustainable financial strategies before 102 years, Clara Zetkin called international women’s day in the life, which is now observed on March 8. Much has changed: women are highly qualified and take on positions of responsibility. Are special financial planning at all still up to date? Very clear yes”, says Kris Hauf, Chairperson of the Association of independent financial service bar tray. Kris Hauf: The Association of independent financial service bar trenches advises many women. From our experience, this is useful in any case. Financial behavior and income situation, there are still big differences between the sexes. Women assume responsibility in many special situations they educate their children, for example, or maintain ill family members.

In these times, they are often in a lesser extent employed that reduces the current earnings and presses also later pensions and pension rights. This prudent financial planning is even more important: the living must be still well covered. Earnings fluctuations may strangle not contribution payments. Therefore, the experience of the consultant is terribly important. Our network of experts we replace us each other, as financial and insurance concepts can be as beneficial to the customer. Currently, for example, the so-called Pflegebahr. In addition to the private care insurance, we recommend the Council an expert in another unexpected income fluctuations. This includes in particular the recommendation on impending job loss to examine your own situation.

We strongly especially privately insured employees in this case to talk to an expert before reporting to the authority. The far-reaching impact of waiver of the obligation of health insurance for Recipients of ALG I can have BuF recently showed Isolde Mischke flat, Member of the Board. Are there differences between men and women when it comes to financial strategies? Kris Hauf: Women proceed very carefully in the selection of financial products.