February 23, 2018


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All we agree in which we lived in an accelerated world, the cities, the traffic, the financial problems and labor, the problems of the day to day, all of them do that, our organism accumulates tension, which we called stress. But that is stress? Few include/understand what is the true danger that hides after this word. The immense majority does not know that, stress is much more that the tension that hides after the annoyances that we felt in the back. When a person feels the tense back, which in fact this happening, although we think that, could have been a bad position or even that we have taken cold, which in fact happens is that our likeable vegetative nervous system, which arrives at all our body through the spine, this on being excited. This causes that our organism begins to just produce and to pump an excess of adrenalin, that is a hormone that takes place in the adrenal glands, located upon the kidneys. When this happens, the adrenalin modifies the state of our organism, the veins and the arteries are compressed, which denominates blood vessel constriction, which increases the tension arterial, and that cause that, the amount of blood, nutrients and I oxygenate that it arrives at the organs and the brain, falls, this is just like to say that, all the organs of our body is or is as if they were holding the breathing, – imagines it. When arriving less nutrients at the brain, this, make worse their yield, thus get to disconnect certain zones of him by security, zones that are vital for our daily life, this produces that we among others suffer things, a low yield labor, lost of memory, that we commit errors, that we undergo confusions, which can get to have fatal consequences to the steering wheel of an automobile, etc. .