Tempelhofer Damm

March 6, 2016


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So, among other things, the Autobahn for the event should be locked on three nights. An absolute novelty, the fireworks from the Tempelhofer Damm also blocked because, after all, is already good to see. Provides while the highway stand out views of the airfield, it is very doubtful whether so many viewers on the run-up to come, that this is justified. Amazing, therefore, is the fact that the authorities either at all want to know nothing, either it would be for them all in the short term, and it could therefore nothing to say, or you push it when requesting each other to the jurisdiction. After all, the Pyromusikale already for a half year is city-wide announced on posters.

The competent City Council in the District of Tempelhof-Schonberg, who is responsible for the approval of fireworks, is unreachable but until beginning of fireworks according to his authority while in the service. A spokesman of the Action Alliance: You can call anyone you want, nobody is responsible. A concerned Local residents showed the beginning of mowing and the destruction of the breeding grounds of there native birds in the police, was dismissed on the grounds, you don’t know the laws. A spokesman of the Action Alliance: Yes every Berlin, we enjoy the pleasure of a successful Fireworks and we welcome anyone who can visit the Tempelhof airport. We are also clearly of the opinion that every visitor should be aware, that he supports a very dubious practice for authorisation of the competent authorities on the one with his visit and on the other hand takes the killing of wildlife and fauna on this terrain implied in purchase for a short term pleasure. It is our opinion but more meaningful, to visit the “real” Pyronale in the Olympic Stadium/Maifeld. This takes place in a more suitable environment for years without causing ecological floor damage.

The situation coincides with the fair “Bread and butter”, for the very generous reconstruction most grade II listed buildings were approved and the date of the event locked even the complete Platz der Luftbrucke, was. Furthermore, clearly shows this exploitation strategy on the example of the Fireworks: here the city competes with is each other. Existing resources be destroyed elsewhere and deducted in a best-case scenario. Several fairs and various other events, which previously took place at other sites in Berlin, are now moved to Tempelhof. This full-bodied celebrates Klaus Wowereit as a great success of its subsequent use and site policy. “The author details: Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.