Technical University Darmstadt

May 17, 2018


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He will represent the current financial crisis in historical contexts and the Latin American debt crisis since 1824, with the South Sea bubble, the Japan – Asia crisis, from 1982, as well as Parallels to the current situation to talk about the crash of 1929 and the crisis. An insight into the mounting debt and bond buy-back programmes will give Martin Wilhelm, IfK Institute for capital market. Current developments in the markets are its theme: where we see value and opportunities in the second half of 2009? How to find a safe way in the medium term in the turbulent financial crisis upwards? What must you do to be reliable in five years the winners? Robert Vinall, RV capital GmbH, believes that value investing is an optimal model to navigate successfully through the financial crisis. He explains the core ideas of value investing and their application at the present time some case examples as well as the traps that investors should avoid.