April 13, 2018


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If the individual obtains to satisfy the necessity, the motivacional process well-is succeeded. The satisfaction eliminates or reduces the lack. However, if by some obstacle or impediment the satisfaction is not reached, occurs frustration, conflict or estresse. Desencandeia a new motivacional process and follows another circular standard. In accordance with Chiavenato, 2005, p.399, exist four distinct perspectives on motivation of the organization: traditional boarding, boarding of the relations human beings, boarding of the human resources and boarding contemporary. – Traditional Boarding: Frederick W.

Taylor was who really started the study on the motivation of employees through the scientific administration. As Taylor, the payments of higher wages are made by the good performance and devotion of the employees, then, gives credit that the man works more to get a bigger wage that also covers its particular necessities, calls payment incentives, thus the people is paid in accordance with its capacity, quality and amount of work. – Boarding of the Relations Human beings: this boarding sample that the man is very dependent of economic goods, but also exists people whom they search to take care of social necessities that in this boarding are more important that the money as motivador. – Boarding of the Human resources: as the author gives credit that the people do not need to be manipulated to gain a good wage and nor to be modified in the way to act socially. The companies have that to believe the potential, capacity and ability of its employee, therefore thus they would be contributing strong for the growth in such a way of the company how much of the individual. – Boarding Contemporary: The boarding contemporary is composed for 3 (three) theories, theory of the content, theory of the process and theory of the reinforcement. (CHIAVENATO, 2005) In the theory of the content if it studies and it analyzes the basic necessities of the human beings, to understand the individuals and as these necessities can be satisfied and motivadoras in the workstation.