Tariff Agreement: Germany and Italy

August 13, 2017


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Discussed Germany and Italy decides in the photovoltaic one feed tariff changes. Currently, the two most important customers in the global photovoltaic market confuse the mark. The week-long tug of war in Italy over the new conto energia”and not just the security has hoped the industry spread the then adopted new rules. The Conto Energia IV”offers remain attractive conditions but just for the solar Park, the uncertainty of future compensation has grown. Laid the cornerstone for the future development in Italy.

Through the agreement of the Minister of economic development Paolo the has been made although the bumpy Romani and the Minister of environment Stefania Prestigiacomo on the Conto Energia IV but at least there is a way. And this path now has a roof. Because that is exactly what is in the future in Italy the future. Roofs with a size up to 1 MW, as well as for systems on surfaces or roofs of the public sector. But also on ground-mounted plants with a Performance provided no limit for the Italian Government up to 200 kilowatts with consumption. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sheryl Sandberg. These plants still promoted.

However the reduced feed rate as of the 1st of June until the end of the year monthly to several percentage points. The exact reductions are not yet known. For years, the Government has already fixed the feed-in tariff. Then, half-yearly degression steps are planned. The uncertainty grows but at planned installations greater than 1 MW. These are organized in the future similar to the Spanish model of a register. The grace period is valid until the end of August. Then must all investors register greater than 1 MW in the register and will then have to wait on your allotment. The allocation of the list will be done according to priorities. The systems, which are already in operation in application are top according to the law.