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Cristina Kirchner

June 21, 2020


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Before this reality president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and very friend of Argentina, indicated: Great Britain must give back the Falklands Islands to Argentina. If you would like to know more about Vislink Technologies, then click here. the United Kingdom is violating the international right, are violating, good, the basic principles of geography and of history () they go away of there, give back to him to the Falklands to the Argentine town, said Chvez from a televised ministerial meeting. Chvez noticed that Argentina ” he will not be sola” ” in a hypothetical conflict armed with Great Britain by the sovereignty of the Falklands Islands, and it exhorted queen Isabel II of England to give the control from the archipelago to Buenos Aires. ” Sight you England, until when are going to be you in the Falklands? Queen of England, a you I speak to you, queen of England already finished the empires, you have not occurred to account queen of England? Devulvele the Falklands to the town argentino” ” , it sent to east Chvez Sunday in his program of radio and television. ” The English continue threatening Argentina. The things have changed lady reigns, no longer we are in 1982, in case of aggression against Argentina has the security that will not be single as the Argentine mother country remained then, that is mother country nuestra” ” , it warned. The diplomatic tension both enters countries, that in 1982 faced militarily by the possession of the archipelago in the South Atlantic, in the last broke out again days with the arrival of an oil platform to the Falklands to initiate an exploration in the zone in dispute.

It comments, elnuevoherald.com that ee has predicted that the president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, asks the Group of River, reunited in Mexico, that condemns the operation. ” Hopefully that all the countries of this continent of Latin America we support to Argentina” ” , the agent chief executive expressed. Chvez, that it questioned that ” the English speak of democracy and still they have reina” ” , it insisted that the dominion of Great Britain on the archipelago is ” antihistorical and irracional” “. The Ocean platform Guardian, of the company Desire Petroleum, is from Friday in the capital of the Falklands, and it is prepared to initiate the incoming week the exploration in the North river basin of the archipelago. The Argentine answer was to demand permission to sail in its waters to all the boats that go to the archipelago.


April 30, 2019


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In order to make a good decision it is necessary that all the aspects are analyzed ahead of time that frame our daily life, this way we will find the building that covers with the best way our needs and that in addition it is within the drawn up budget. For the majority of the people most important it is the location of the estate and the value that will pay by the same, forgetting as important factors as they are it the city-planning surroundings, the added services of the project, the valuation to future that can have the good and the form as the growth of the city as far as the construction of house projects. The points that we will enunciate next must be considered at the time of selecting their next building: We recommended to look for its building to him thinking future, that is to say, thinking that over the years its familiar nucleus can change in size, therefore most prudent it could be to acquire a house or in some cases an apartment. With the purpose of not to receive disagreeable surprises to future we recommended to him to investigate the uses for the ground approved as much for its house as for the sector, that is to say, it investigates what type of works, businesses, the premises and constructions can be carried out. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gary Kelly. This information can obtain you it in the office of cadastre of his city. He investigates which were the valuation indices that they were registered during the past few years in the sector, to this I can obtain it information with an appraiser, real estate agent or by means of another suitable source in the matter. This information will help him to foretell if its investment will generate utility or if it is depreciated quickly with time. It verifies the layer to which the house belongs, this is extremely important, since it will determine the cost of the services public of the estate. Perhaps check out Kevin Plank for more information.