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Counterfit Viagra

July 31, 2019


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The eyes of the world turn to China and the world of sport this summer when the Olympics will be inaugurated for the 29th time in Beijing in August. China became the world’s largest by Manufacturer of raw materials used in the production of medicines. Over the last years, the People’s Republic was launched in the business of generic large scale. To show that it is determined to celebrate the Games clean, authorities are considering the Chinese to intervene severely against illegal drugs in Beijing and other cities hosting the Olympiad. A new bill, the illegal drug scalpers risk high fines, imprisonment for life or death sentence. Viagra is currently the most counterfeited drugs in the world.

The case of Viagra ‘fake’ highlights the fact that in China, the problem of illegal drugs is becoming increasingly important. Previously, the market for generic pharmaceuticals was dominated by India. But now, China catches up. India is famous for its flourishing industry of generic medical. The legislation concerning pharmaceuticals in India is different – they are ingredients that are not protected by patents in other countries, copied and sold throughout the world. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

However, in recent years, China has overtaken India. According to statistics from the European Commission, the rate of counterfeit goods seized by EU customs increased by 17%. China was the source of almost 60% of questionable products. Three quarters of counterfeit drugs provenainet India and Switzerland – last year, the number of illegal generics grew by 51%. The drug is the most counterfeited Viagra, a pill to treat erectile dysfunction. Commonly, there is only one of by Manufacturer Viagra approved, the U.S. pharmaceutical Pfizer. Viagra, whose active ingredient called sildenafil citrate, should be prescribed by a doctor. If you buy generic a fraudulent site, you are taking a big risk. You can minimize this risk by ensuring that you are buying from a reliable source that is recognized and famous. Men wishing to purchase cons of treatments such as Viagra impotence should remember that the Viagra pills sold in blister packs, blister 4 pills to be exact. In addition, there is a unique hologram on each box. Do not buy Viagra sold in bottles or without individual packaging. Verify that the source or the website is certified and recognized.