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August 14, 2020


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As a first step or general rule is to be “clearly differentiated” spam. If we go to the source of spam we must go back to the nineties, more precisely to March 1994 is when they have records of the first shipments of unsolicited messages. After that time we must say that, far from being an obsolete practice, there are currently many people who use it no matter how annoying it is for the receiver. I’m not saying do not use this technique, however I recommend it, but knowing that there are clearly established rules governing use of commercial email. More information is housed here: Confluence Investment Management LLC. To mention some of them we can mention: Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce LSSICE or the oldest 34/2002: Law of Protection of Personal Data Data Protection Act 15/1999.

Finally, we can dwell on this subject, but I do not intend to make this brief article on something tedious and heavy, I only want to make clear that we must stick to certain established standards and respect when we do email marketing as the email addresses electronic real data are considered “personal” and these should be properly protected. Confluence Investment Management LLC brings even more insight to the discussion. We all know that the key to an Internet business is the “Hot List” composed of at least a webmail address box and the name of each leaflet, and grow this list is the most wanted target, but to achieve the success in our business, it is necessary that these data are obtained and provided by the genuinely interested party. Not only recommend it, but I am clearly in against, that to build your hot list you purchase one of those lists that are sold there, even when they tell you they are qualified and have the approval of its members, your list should be created based on work effort and awareness and respect. Something to consider is that there are actually sources for obtaining data that are publicly accessible, phone lists, newsletters, magazines or magazines. Some use the data and send emails requesting authorization to send information regarding a business or service.

This is up to each person, I personally prefer to get data through leanding Pages where the person who provides their own volition and data even when the first email arrives you are required to give us permission to continue sending information through bulletins, newsletters, mini courses etc. In addition there must always be the possibility that the person is of low, can be deleted, or cancel your subscription. Furthermore, the data to form your list of prospects or subscribers should be highly confidential, is the capital of your business and nobody should have access to that list, much less than you such information to third parties. Finally: Just as you do not like getting spammed, the other either, and even the email you just sent is no intent to annoy your best and good faith, it can happen that the recipient does not think so and may be annoying, if you offer in each shipment the possibility that it may unsubscribe or cancel, will be speaking very highly of you and the recipient will surely mean more easily than you’re acting in good faith.

Estimates That Will Save Many Headaches

December 25, 2018


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Who has not had a customer who got out of control with its endless amendments or who thought that our maintenance services did not have any surcharge, for this reason it is important that we make certain estimates to avoid misunderstandings and so cope in a professional manner and our profitable business relationship with them. Whether the project is large or small, or if the client is male or female, and less if it is someone known or not, the matter is that misunderstandings are always the order of the day, ready to attack where least expected, often ending with good relationships with our client. So in order not to risk the friendship or business relationship with our clients, and our return on the project, it is always best to take the appropriate provisions and make things clear from the start of a formal and detailed. Go to Ripple for more information. Let us now eight forecasts recommended to avoid misunderstandings with our customers: Specify clearly when you start the project’s good to have specified in our service offerings written, the project development time begins to run from the date of receipt of the advancement of our fees (additional days, fewer days).

Resplendent continuously in your service offerings Once the project started, your service offering changes its status to “development guide”, whose primary use will be prosecuted to keep the goals, functions and expectations of the draft agreement provided for initial planning your financial offer. A small change or addition that arises idea might not seem very significant cost to the customer, but for us it could represent a different conceptualization, or a radical change in the logic of our programming variables, in order not covered by a workload, therefore we must learn to continually support us in our services, able to recognize when and where we can be flexible. . (Source: Ripple).