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Reduced Employment

December 29, 2017


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Of course, this will be reflected in reduced employment, increased prices of goods and services and hence a fall in the purchasing power of Venezuelans. Sometimes not rule out a possible scenario of shortages. What is recommended in this regard? Oliveros advised to begin to rationalize the public expenditure and using part of the profits or bonuses in the payment of debts, “so it is not so exposed the next year.” Appearance which I share, especially taking into account the Venezuelan manage your money, spend it and vilifying these holidays, buying gifts, foreign travel, entertainment and New Year celebrations. Olivero suggests a fact on that plan if the purchase of capital goods such as housing, vehicle or appliances, the suggestion is to buy this year as in 2009 is more expensive. Interesting is the fact that the Minister of Planning and Development, Haiman El Troudi, recommends to the economic crisis, a Venezuelan businessmen who have money in the U.S. to repatriate capital. “There are much safer.” The Troudi said the South American countries require the dissolution of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the cancellation of its external debts.

26 billion dollars will be the decline in tax revenues of the country on account of oil, If this falls to an average of $ 70 a barrel. This was said Asdrubal Oliveros, director of Ecoanalitica, who stated that public finances could be seriously compromised if the value of oil falls below $ 70. Finally, Jose Manuel Gonzalez, president of an organization of entrepreneurs, has said it is high vulnerability of Venezuela to the global financial crisis. He said it is expected for 2009 a worsening fiscal deficit of the country, as the proceeds will be affected by lower oil prices, which occurs as a result of reduced energy consumption by several nations. He indicated, another very sensitive, as is to be a reduction in food supply, the disappearance of several operators import of inputs required for domestic production. He emphasized to indicate that only traveling the roads we can move toward democratic changes should be given to the of a genuine rule of law “, so it told the public to” not to be confused “and requested the Government to foster” a climate of peace and confidence “that encourages investment.