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Chasing Money

August 28, 2020


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Do you feel that all the time you have to chase the money? It is as if it were a dream impossible to achieve? If so, I assure you that you are committing the most common mistakes that keep you away from the money. The 3 most common mistakes that keep you chasing the money are basic and easy to fix, unfortunately not everyone knows them and therefore share with you in this article, so you can make your conscious of them and delete them from your life: #1 Error rather than duplicate the vibration of the abundance, are doubling the vibration of poverty. Think again how much time spend thinking in terms of what you don’t have? If your financial situation is precarious, I assure you that you spend much time thinking about debts or expenses and perhaps maybe also raisins annoying long or in a bad mood. On the other hand ask you do long step feeling good for the money and waiting for it as if it were a friend that comes to visit? The more time you spend thinking about the money with expectations faster positive stop be chasing money and corregiras this small but fatal error. Error # 2 are using your senses to perpetuate the negative cycle of observation. The law of attraction does not make decisions for you and responds like a slave to your observation in chain cycles. When you look at it you think you see notes-talk-o – you listen to something relative to the lack or poverty law of attraction answers very fast around that cycle of observation in chain by the energy so powerful that it contains, and therefore this is one of the main mistakes that people commit and that keep you chasing the money begins to use the observation cycle positive chain to see – think-see-note-talk – and – listen to things related to the abundance and get excellent results because the law of attraction responds as a slave to this energy. Error #3 your energy is not aligned with the powerful vibration of money do you think it is more important that others get what they want and? the last are your interests? Do not you dare to ask for a salary increase because you think that your needs are not as important or not you worth it? You are afraid of dare to do new things and paralyzes you think about having more money or having to manage your finances? Do you think you’re not someone important in the world? These are all signs that you see money as a stranger, you’re not an inch near your power, can’t handle it, you do not familiarizas with him, let pass opportunities to have him and repeles him.

To solve these patterns I recommend: 1.-starts to feel more brave and facing your fears. 2.-Handles money in more powerful ways, dare asking for a little more than what you’ve won before or taking advantage of opportunities introduced is receiving money. 3.-Put your interests first from now on. Stop thinking that your fault someone is going to run out of money or that it would be less if you earn more. Send you the universe more powerful signals with respect to money and I assure you with the heart in hand that will change your financial situation.

Audience Objective Service

May 20, 2020


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How to do to define your audience objective for your business on the Internet? If these starting your online business then you need to define your target audience. This stage is simply crucial. Do not you be placed on statistics of 95% of the entrepreneurs that do not reach their objectives, are frustrated in the process and end up leaving your business, in some cases causing the sensation of that have fallen on a fraudulent business. David Fowler contributes greatly to this topic. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Additional information at baby clothes supports this article. We definitely are not equal nor you, nor I, nor your mentor, sponsor, presenter or the person who gave you this or that product or service. If you don’t clear the difference between which generates and earn money by any means including the internet which don’t get it translates into the capacity and the commitment that each have towards our project and our own person.

Become responsible for your progress, failures and achievements and I know part of the statistic of 5%. So let’s start from the beginning with the definition of your target audience. Carefully follow the following 3 steps that you prepare a sketch. Later you’ll be polishing this first exercise as you go forward in your training and experience. Paper and pencil requirements: is proved that scratching on a sheet, it helps download better ideas. A computer to do field research. Devote all the time necessary for this exercise. If you already have the product and/or service, you will be highly recommended to study it and knowing it in depth. If it is necessary to get trained, get it! Step #1: Identifies who is your target market? This exercise applies perfectly to those entrepreneurs that not even define the product or service to offer or if you already have it. To do this step, ask yourself the following: what you do or want to do? Specifies if these in a multilevel, promote products, etc.