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Video Home Service

December 13, 2019


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vhs – Video Home System Video Home System – Home Video System – the first consumer analog video format invented by jvc. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. Still remains unsurpassed in popularity as VHS-video cassette recorders are available in almost every home. To capture uses a standard VHS-cassette (-12.65 mm width, speed – 23.39 mm / s), which is reproduced on any VHS-VCR is the longest of all formats of recording time: 240 minutes at standard tape speed sp (Standard Play) and the lowest cost per shot. On the other hand, VHS-camera can easily serve as a video player to view video from the conventional feature films. The main drawback: low clarity – 240 lines horizontal – and the sharp loss of quality at the first rewrite. The large size and weight of the shortage turned into an advantage, compared with compact cameras that do not have the image stabilizer: Shooting from the hip makes it possible to avoid jitter.

In the VHS-camera sound – mono. For the price they are not the cheapest, but always find a lover. The large size allows for large, and hence the quality lens and a large ccd. A good choice for those who do not zamorochen commitment to quality pictures and sound, is not eager to do video editing, but he likes to shoot everything that moves and look at it (taking into account the size of the camera) 'Cool' professional. And taking a camera on vacation (say, a car), you can still twist on it movies, stuck into the first tv.

Saransk Apartments

November 30, 2014


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Accommodation in hotels in Saransk not always contribute to improving mood and relaxing, so renting an apartment in Saransk rent – a worthy alternative to hotels in Saransk. Rent an apartment Saransk will be much cheaper than hotels in Saransk, you can also save on food, if you want to cook something good, rented apartments Saransk provide such an opportunity. You may ask: what about those who are in Saransk in cases if they give any proof of residence in a rented apartment? Of course, Yes. Do not worry, the company that provides apartments for rent in Saransk, issue all necessary accounting documents. Rent an apartment Saransk – another opportunity for travel companies to offer its customers alternative to staying in a noisy hotel. When renting an apartment Saransk any person, whether a tourist or is visiting the city on business, gets a lot of advantages: convenient location – a rented apartment in Saransk differ convenient transport interchange, the apartments are close to the stops in the city center or close to it, all offered to rent an apartment, Saransk renovated and furnished good furniture and fixtures; renting an apartment for rent in Saransk achieves the best result the settlement with the perfect blend of price / result. Often, weekly cost of renting an apartment Saransk cost no more than one night and Hotels in Saransk.

It is also a powerful argument in favor of rent apartments in Saransk will be much better quality service than in Saransk hotels. Forget the old uncleared apartments for rent settlement our maids will clean up the light all the rooms, and during your stay will be removed for you at a convenient time, do not disturb the guests. And most importantly, what it is worth remembering, rent an apartment for rent in Saransk avoids hotel vanity, obsessive service gives a chance to really relax or work in the apartment, when circumstances so require. In addition, renting an apartment for rent, we know about it only two parties, rather than tens of person staff and hundreds of hotel guests, and this will agree, sometimes also very important. Renting an apartment Saransk You can count on: the convenience of rent – you can choose an acceptable method of payment for you, the time population, time of departure, if necessary, will provide you with all necessary accounting documents; liveability – the majority of apartments are located in places with highly developed infrastructure, which includes shops different orientation, a small, cozy cafes – all just made for a full happy life, ease of use – You choose where you want to stay, so you need not spend their time on the road, rest easy – location and convenience of apartments will allow you and your companions experience the atmosphere of peace and tranquility.