Tablet PC Property

March 18, 2018


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METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate more and more customers will take over the work that were provided exclusively by service providers without the Internet. For example evaluating a property is carried out including the answer of an online questionnaire, by customers. Information on the property, formerly a real estate appraiser, brought by interviewing the owner on the spot to paper to evaluate them later in the Office, may be today directly collected from consumers on the Internet and brought to the evaluation. Cooperation by simultaneously providing accurate location data of the real estate valuation service, the object information collected by owners or real estate buyers directly with the valuation system are merged.

After completion of object data for House, apartment or plot, users immediately know how much your property is worth. Equipment in the household or Office on the PC, Tablet PC or Smartphone is provided a detailed assessment of real estate consumers. This can on its own Hardware stores, sent or brought to paper. This means that customers can apply to collect information on the own property itself. You use for your own devices and, if prints the valuation should be separate paper. Just the facts include the evaluation accuracy of residential real estate is encouragingly high about the self-service.

The reason is among other things, that the determined real estate guide is achieved by object knowing the owners or buyers, as well as by current location data of the service provider. Unlike offer comparisons or rough estimates only object-related data be in the online real estate assessment applied. Emotional influences of the buyer’s or seller’s side remain real estate valuation method Dr. Barzel account. Self-service is booming this kind of service provision, in which consumers play a part of the service itself, is becoming increasingly popular. Prerequisite, however, is that the provided performance expectations of the Corresponds to the customers. In addition, the integration of the part to be provided by the customer must be understandable, transparent, convenient and safe. Ultimately consumers will use the self-service, when in addition to clarity, that ease of use is also a time and price advantage. The cost advantage is in assessing real estate over the Internet significantly time and cost advantage because the self-service customers assume the operational work. Regardless of the location, object type, and the value of a property, the fee for a Dr. Barzel method is flat rate real estate valuation. The low rating costs are in addition to the neutrality and the discretion with which a real estate online assessment to be a convincing reason for the consumer to operate even. Find more information at