Switzerland The End Of Neutrality

November 11, 2018


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The recent International Conference held in Switzerland on racial discrimination, perhaps the milestone more obvious, the abandonment of the policy of neutrality holding Switzerland for a long time. The success of this policy when assessing the economic results is undeniable. In this way, was constituted in the first and most important tax haven in the world. Switzerland does not discrimino in accepting the landing of all kinds of capital whose origin and mode of obtaining nobody cared about. The financial system Swiss, do not take long to become a social paradise: Blacks, whites, mestizos, Redskins, yellow Eastern, Semitic, etc. Would just be different, the number with your account was identified. Obviously, all invention novel and successful, he is liable to be imitated and so was.

Other tax havens with similar successes were proliferating around the globe. The circuit of the crime was closed and offenders of any category and social level product, was safe from persecution of their authentic and real owners. To know more about this subject visit Litecoin. For years everything worked fantastically well for the Swiss until: the recent global economic crisis, mobilize to the hypocrites who now, recently decided to perform a true witch hunt in search of culprits. But more still, in search of capital that can fill the holes produced in registered financial system. International pressure forced the Swiss and it is doing with other tax havens, to put the House in order. It was as well as those who would be victims of this situation, they began to manotear their treasures and escape from the terrible end that awaited them.

No one knows, since it is not published, the size of the well open Swiss in the financial system, but boasts huge. Something had to be done to attract capital and was thus, as the idea of selling good repute. The first major operation was carried out during the Organization of the International Conference on racial discrimination. The political head of the Iranian regime, was invited in honor of the event. In price Pact this title, few know it. I want to note that these events are the work of my imagination and may or not have happened. But the truth is that I have come to this conclusion because of the need to find a logical explanation to an incomprehensible situation for others. By Marcelo Keselman original author and source of the article.