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May 9, 2018


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Leading Swiss IT services provider ensures best-in-breed solution from Sentrigo data integrity and confidentiality of customer data SANTA CLARA, Calif.-04. October 2010 – to better protect sensitive customer data, Swisscom IT services immediately Hedgehog enterprise uses, Sentrigo database security and compliance software solution. Swisscom IT services belongs to the leading IT service providern in the Swiss financial services sector. Protection against data abuse has a high priority for the company. This concerns especially the sensitive data of its financial services, which use its services. Stricter regulatory requirements in the financial service management sector and various incidents in the recent past have led to more attention when the security of sensitive information. In addition, that have potential damage in the event of a hacker attack long term impact on customer confidence.

That would have impact on the economy – and beyond the actual hacker attack, basically. “To be able to offer our customers a service to avoid privacy violations in the financial service management sector, had top priority for us. The Sentrigo solution we see therefore a cornerstone of our security portfolio of next-generation”, explains Michael Meli, head of security at Swisscom IT services. “Swisscom is a key factor to cost effectively meet the specific security needs of each customer. For even more analysis, hear from Larry Ellison. Due to the flexible, decentralized architecture of Sentrigo security platform, we can offer our customers to either manage the security services by Swisscom or monitor database activity via remote-access through their own employees. Sentrigos technology continuously protects customer data against unauthorized access and provides a reliable report on privileged access. Both reduces the risk of a hacker attack and simplifies the auditing process.” A key factor for the solution of the American manufacturer to decide, was for the IT service providers the substantially higher level of security, without having to change the existing applications. The activities are monitored on the database itself.