Swinging Pendulum

May 27, 2019


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Policy is tilting and the story is circular. As ineluctable truths, there is no doubt that is developing the right turn in the Latin American left. The ruling liberals and is ill and will soon go into coma, but before pollute and destroy everything in its path, trying to force his stay in power with its overwhelming totalitarianism. Hugo Chavez came to an aspiring political roof as a continental leader and will be very difficult after the Bolivarian experience failed and vulgar, some other country, apart from controlling, is dominated by the colonel. Brazil and Argentina whose geopolitical dimension is the most important in the southern hemisphere, are at a critical time. The first election-year end is sliding at high speed on the road concealed from the Workers Party took power. Lula da Silva took off the mask that allowed him to govern as a social democrat because I knew that otherwise would not last.

His undeserved popularity is the result of rising raw material prices that generated the Brazilian economic growth by making everyone happy. A monkey without a brain sitting on a branch had been eating bananas as well. That was Lula, stay in the mold and not interfere with capitalism while giving speeches pro and embraced socialist tyrants abroad. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Argentina’s experience is more dramatic. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. The country is destroyed, looted, confused, frustrated, not political leaders to present a coherent discourse and enjoy popular representation. Argentina kept the head down to Peron, recalling past glories that have nothing to do with current reality.

The light Kirchner are dictators, but dictators in the end. The Argentine armed forces will not return to play no role in politics, and do well. It is not their role. Each day that passes, Cristina authoritarianism becomes more aggressive. Until 2011, when his term ends, if Kirchner maintain their arrogance, there may be a massive popular uprising, which will join the 80 percent of the Argentines, who are the ones who are unhappy with the regime. They just need someone to channel and direct the mutiny. Bolivia has become the epicenter of the drug desired, saving money for many, that are floating in dollars. For the socialists of the world, always short of values, do not care at all statehood outside the law. E Scott Mead: the source for more info. In mineral-exporting country which was most of his life, Bolivia has exported oil, gas, soybeans and cocaine, diversifying their production. You can stay there for much longer, if not discourage internationally. Venezuela came to an eclipse as a wealthy nation and is being transformed into a giant slum. The Colonel is not going to leave office for any reason, prefers to take it out in a pine box. The same attitude that heralded Kirchner have to stay until 2020. Morales believes the Inca king and from the first day of his government proclaimed stay for life. Adding ends, none of the liberals will power through the democratic vote, without fraud. The people have to resort to other less orthodox methods and possibly violent to regain power and legitimate democracy. When will that happen? When the situation becomes unbearable and has an intense internal crisis in one of the places mentioned causing a domino effect across the continent. Argentina is on the verge of starting the fall of the chips. We live in the past with military dictatorships, now, these will neo-communist dictators. The pendulum began to swing.