Sven Bergmann

May 7, 2019


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Women speak on when going out. Then you must attract a woman in the night life and reap affiliated zickiges or adverse behavior? Does that sound familiar? Almost always this dismissive behavior is that women have developed strategies to deal with men, which lack “Confidence prior to seduce”, as efficiently as possible. But what exactly is this “confidence prior to seduce”? Psychologically considered, a person can feel only attracted by the opposite sex, if he advance feel comfortable in his presence. The other way around, it doesn’t work. The woman must, in the moment where you address them, assume that she are not you will genervt-, bored or really badly hit on.

Response begins women always first to restore confidence. So, how should we talk to a woman… to achieve just this “confidence prior to seduce”? Set response – in the women especially in German-speaking – socially conditioned Politeness. This you will do that almost all women love to attract can be you. Maybe just ask themselves: as a woman talk to socially conditioned politeness? Closer a piece…

When talking to a woman when going out, then I apologize and ask, if I may ask a question. This: “unloading school condition” and this “can I ask just what?” in the German-speaking world already once contribute immensely, that you build the necessary degree of confidence at lightning speed, to begin the seduction. After this, I ask a question to topics that women are almost addictive. Therefore, I create such as confidence, I’ll bore anyone. Such topics are for example: relations psychology fashion to pop culture this way is it possible for me, I within built up minutes enough trust 1-2, to start the actual seduction. A discussion entry to successfully attract a woman, might in this manner, for you look like this: you: excuse me, can I ask just what you? Woman: Yes, what is it? You: we had just a discussion and we need the opinion of a woman. Woman: Yes? You: what women find so tall on xy? He still looks like a small Bubi! If you are so next time again the question: as a wife should speak to, then try just the upper entrance to the women talk to. You will be surprised how well you get it! P.S. If you want more free information, then check out my blog on the subject of women is just talk to and seduce at: /… For your success with women, Sven Bergmann