Supercompact Ceramic Ionic

May 13, 2018


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If you need to buy hair dryers, I recommend the following Web. I attached the link: dryers hair salon in this shop of hair dryers you put a comparative table of the various existing models of parlux dryers. Explain it the different technical characteristics of each dryer: wattage, the flow of air, the cold air button and ion generator. All existing models I recommend two: Parlux 3800.-is the new model of this year, the most notable of this hair dryer is: your weight (weighs only 480 grams, has an output of 2100 Watts, 75 cubic meters of air flow and automatic cold air button). Incorporates an auto muffler, that is why is called Eco Friendly avoids noise pollution.

Parlux 3500 Supercompact Ceramic Ionic.-has 100 Watts less than the 3800, and 73 cubic meters of air flow, also has cold air button, and carries ion generator that does not has the 3800 model (this will make easier the hairstyle (the hair and prevents you Frizz). Best thing about this store is that all the models available, have the best market price, maximum delivery service in 72 hours at any point of Spain. You can pay cash, credit card or debit, paypal or bank transfer..