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May 28, 2020


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Throughout our history, in Western countries, jewels have played an essential role in ceremonies and events. Let us take as the most representative example engagement rings or matrimonial alliances, a symbol of fidelity and love. However, not only in Western countries the use of the jewels as main accessory was popular, because in Asian countries this type of add-on, has played an even more important role, the family jewel, was delivered from generation to generation, ensuring their stay in the family and a base economic in case of suffering financial setbacks, very representative made in times of war. Hear from experts in the field like Edward Scott Mead for a more varied view.

Jewel par excellence for centuries, is gold, a durable and beautiful material where they exist, their colorful is that differentiates it from other many metals, intense yellow colour and full of life, however, the gold jewelry can be treated in various ways, by combining different alloys of different metals resulting in exclusive tones such as white or pink gold jewels, to make this possible are used metals such as copper, silver or nickel among others. The popularity of gold, despite his long years of history, has never been in decline because the employment of different alloys to achieve different shades and finishes in gold have done so most popular. White gold jewellery, arise from the combination of silver and Palladium, two metals that give as a result a material aesthetic and elegant, much more accessible to users of a foot, being its most comprehensible price. There are also another very similar to white gold variant, it is the case of Platinum jewels. Platinum is a very tough material and does not suffer alterations, something that us can happen with white gold, which with the passage of time its white color may become yellowish and revive your natural color, this setback has a very simple solution, with a treatment of jewelry, white gold resumes its initial color and its properties. Although the jewels of platinum are more resilient and enduring at the time, they are very scarce in the market and available to the public since its price tends to be high and be well above a white gold jewel. When purchasing a jewel of gold, either white or natural, in a trade of jewelry or an ecommerce store we can find a wide range of products in which to be able to wear it, such as earrings and bracelets, rings of gold or even hanging. When we opted for a jewel of gold, the most important thing to keep in mind when buying it is their purity, quality, size and brightness, they are small details that will give us the necessary information as to its worth and which we they will give greater peace of mind and reliability of the product, an accessory that once purchased will be part of us and our history.